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Professionnal spandex sails


These covers add an elegant style to any indoor or outdoor event. Fireproofing treatment available.

All of our covers and sails can be individually printed with a logo, slogan or any other advertising photo, allowing for elegant visual marketing during your events. Call us to get a quote.


Cocktail table covers (Strengthened feet) :

Ref. LS-HOUSSE-MD-60 - Cocktail table cover, diameter 60 x 110 cm, Spandex/Lycra.
Available in 190g et 220g.

Ref. LS-HOUSSE-MD-70 - Cocktail table cover, diameter 70 x 110 cm, Spandex/Lycra.
Available in 190g et 220g.

Ref. LS-HOUSSE-MD-80 - Cocktail table cover, diameter 80 x 110 cm, Spandex/Lycra.
Available in 190g et 220g.

Ref. LS-HOUSSE-MDTOP-60 - Cocktail table top cover 60 cm, Spandex/Lycra, 220g.
Ref. LS-HOUSSE-MDTOP-70 - Cocktail table top cover 70 cm, Spandex/Lycra, 220g.
Ref. LS-HOUSSE-MDTOP-80 - Cocktail table top cover 80 cm, Spandex/Lycra, 220g.



All fabrics can be printed individually with a company logo, advertising slogan or a photo to provide a perfect corporate design. Make your fabrics shine! Contact us for an individual quote.


The illumination of this product is possible using a battery or a connection to the electrical grid.


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    This product is part of our professionnal Spandex Sails series : a large collection of shapes and sizes for all occasions. Please refer to the product listings to browse through the available sizes and colors. Contact us to request a quotation. Feel free to contact us for any specific customization request.
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